John McCain playing poker on iPhone during Syria debate

It seems the former US Republican presidential candidate, who is perhaps the loudest voice in US politics in favour of intervention on behalf of the Syrian rebels, had more pressing things on his mind.McCain was caught by a Washington Post photographer playing poker on his iPhone during the hearing.

One thought on “John McCain playing poker on iPhone during Syria debate

  1. So this guy is the loudest voice for US intervention in Syria. An Intervention that not only will harm Assad, but also will kill more innocent syrian civilians that already have suffered enough.

    This same intervention will cost the US a fortune of money, at a moment when the US has massive budget problems and is raising its debt limit each year.

    The decision to start an intervention will definitely harm syrian civilian lives, american tax payers, and will most probably bring jihadists in Syria to power, making Syria to another base for al Qaida.

    Now you would expect that some that yells as loud as McCain for war would take hi responsibility on this for more serious.

    But then again what do you expect from a US politician the sings “Bomb bomb bomb .. bomb iran” and dances to it.
    Senators like this are a shame.

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