Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) apparently wants more Iranian planes to crash


Sherman, who says he wants sanctions to “hurt the Iranian people,” said on Wednesday he wants to block part of the deal that would enable Iran to receive new parts for its aging civilian aircraft fleet. That is unacceptable.

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(at least) 200 Chechen Jihadists fighting in Syria

“One of the most prominent, Omar Shishani, is the leader of Jaysh al-Muhajirin wa al-Ansar (Army of the Emigrants and Helpers), an al-Qaeda-aligned jihadist group comprising hundreds of mostly foreign fighters, many of them from the North Caucasus.”

jihadists apologise after beheading ally in error – they found him wounded in hospital and thought he was shia

al-Qaida-linked fighters of the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant found the wounded rebel in a hospital after a battle with government forces on Wednesday.

They said he was moaning phrases typical of Shia.

The fighters later displayed the man’s head before a crowd in Aleppo city. But residents identified it as belonging to a leader of another hardline Islamist rebel group, Ahrar al-Sham.

French footballer in Qatar (worlds richest country and host of the 2022 worldcup) not paid for 2 years, and prevented from leave the country

FIFA Worldcup 2022 in Qatar (world's richest country per capita)

Fifa‘s president, Sepp Blatter, has been asked to intervene in the case of French footballer Zahir Belounis, who says he is being prevented from leaving Qatar in a contractual dispute with a local club.

The international players union, Fifpro, has written to Blatter saying that it remains “deeply concerned about Belounis’s precarious situation”, and called for action.

It said Belounis, 33, is stranded in Qatar, with his wife and two daughters, and being denied an exit visa until he agrees to drop a legal case against his former club, Al-Jaish, over his claim of almost two years’ unpaid wages.

In a personal letter to Blatter, Fifpro’s secretary general, Theo van Seggelen, calls for Fifa’s urgent intervention.

Van Seggelen said: “Fifpro insists that Belounis be allowed to leave Qatar and receive his wages immediately.”

The club, it said, then put him under pressure to terminate his contract and sign…

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Syrian Kurdish leader blames Syrias opposition…speaks in favor of Irans participation in Geneva

“Muslim said the Geneva II talks were unlikely to take place in the near future. He blamed the lack of progress on the Istanbul-based Syrian National Coalition (SNC), and regional powers Turkey and Saudi Arabia.”

“Muslim also believes that any attempt at peace that excludes Iran cannot succeed either.”

Iran’s Foreign minister Zarif on Netanyahu

As the negotiations proceeded in Geneva, the Israeli premier, Binyamin Netanyahu, warned against any agreement that left the Iranian nuclear programme in place. He said: “I believe adopting the proposals is a mistake of historic proportions. They must be rejected outright.”

Asked about Netanyahu’s comments, Zarif said: “I don’t think he’s an authority on mistakes because he’s been making mistakes for his entire life. He’s been calling the Iranian programme six months away from a nuclear weapon since 1991, so I don’t consider him a credible authority.”

Why Saudi Arabia must manage its paranoia

“The fact that Saudi Arabia, where women cannot drive a car or travel on their own and where individuals are executed in the most savage ways in the name of applying religious law (as they see it) is dubbed a moderate country, and Syria (before 2011), where women fly airplanes and serve in some of the highest institutions of governance, is dubbed extremist, speaks of troubling cognitive dissonance in the ranks of the so-called democratic West.
Today, Syrians are living under the most brutal conditions – but most of that brutality was instigated as part of the services of the Saudi and Qatari ruling families, wealthy individuals, and foundations under their control. ”

“…the ruling family of Saudi Arabia, officially and through vast networks of charitable organizations and wealthy individuals and foundations, used petro-dollar wealth and takfiri Wahhabism [using accusations of apostasy] to influence or blackmail other countries.”

“Third, the Saudi rulers refused to meet with the UN special envoy to Syria and declared their intention to sabotage the Geneva-2 talks, or at least delay them for one year as they pump more destructive money and weapons into Syria.”

Libya: The real story of security after Gaddafi–but-lets-not-go-there-8906269.html

“Only a year ago, Nato action in Libya in 2011 in support of the rebels was being held up as a successful foreign military intervention that might usefully serve as an example of what the United States, Britain and France should do in Syria. Not many still believe this, but those who do might like to look at the latest FCO travel advisory for Libya last updated on 22 October, and accompanied by a useful map. This divides Libya into two zones, denoted by dark and light shades, to illustrate the different levels of insecurity.The news is not good for potential travellers: the darker shade covers 85 per cent of Libya…”

“10 days ago, assassins shot dead the commander of Libya’s military police, Ahmad al-Barghathi, as he left a mosque in Benghazi. In the past year there have been 80 such assassinations of senior military and police commanders.”

Pro-Israeli Anti Defamation League reveals advanced state of paranoia and delusion

“As an organization that has a history of fomenting Islamophobiaspying on leftist and human rights groupsdenying the Armenian genocide, and surveillance and infiltration against Arab American activists, the ADL has long proven that it is willing to stoop to all kinds of nefarious activities.”–middle-east/Top-Ten-2013-Report.pdf