4 thoughts on “Putin – The incompetent dictator who is isolating and ruining Russia?

  1. Looks all quite positive!

  2. Vladimir Putin is now one of America’s “enemies” and its propaganda machine (enthusiastically helped by a gutless Western media) is trying to characterise him as an incompetent buffoon/Bond villain. During the ongoing Syria debacle Putin has skilfully outmanoeuvred the slow witted Mr Kerry and the rhetoric spouting windbag Mr Obama at every move.

    Three days ago the Syrian Arab Army, with help from the Russian air force recaptured Palmyra from the Islamic State. Kerry, Obama and their EU vassals look like fools. After months of claiming the Russians are not serious about fighting IS and that Mr al-Assad is a Hitlerian murderer despised by most of the Syrian population…the truth about Russian/Syrian capability are very clear and the truth about the “moderate” rebels is emerging and it is clear Syrians overall do not support the Islamists. (The Syrian army is 70% Sunni Muslim. If they hated “the regime” as much as the West claims, none of the Sunni soldiers would still be fighting with them.) Instead, “Free Syrian Army” defectors are returning to the “regime” army.

    The truth bending, selective reporting and blatant propaganda put out by the BBC, France24, CNN, NYT, Guardian etc. is pathetic and betrays everything journalism stands for. It’s time EU leaders stopped being the cowardly followers of America and acted more independently. The US is no friend of Europe because they know that Russia and Europe combined have the world’s biggest and most powerful economy so they provoke Russia and try to keep Europe weak and dependent on America. European leaders need to stop being gutless cowards who bow and scrape in front of their American masters.

    An economy less reliant on, and controlled by, the US and military independence, ie. a strong and capable European armed forces capable of defending Europe’s borders, is a must if the EU is ever to free itself of the American albatross.

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