AngryArab: Who killed 93000 Syrians?

“In the Western media, the mantra has not changed: that Bashshar has “killed…93,000 “of his own people….But look at this sentence by the Qatari-funded, pro-armed opposition Syrian Observatory:  “It said the confirmed toll included 25,040 Syrian soldiers and security personnel, and 17,107 pro-Assad militiamen.”  We are talking about 42,147 Syrians dead–and that is when the death toll was 80,000.  So by that count, the armed opposition killed more than half of those killed in Syria…so if the armed opposition managed to kill over 40,000 armed Syrians, it is logical to wonder how many more thousands of Syrian civilians were killed by the armed opposition especially that some Western organization had to grudgingly admit that massacres were perpetrated by the armed opposition.  So by this count…it is possible to maintain that the armed opposition managed to kill more Syrians than the brutal Syrian regime itself. But please: feel free to enjoy the armed opposition and to call its fanatical thugs “revolutionaries”.”

John McCain proudly posing with Syrian Kidnappers

“Bomb bomb Iran” McCain poses with syrian kidnappers

AngryArab mentions this too

New TV aired an explosive report.  Its correspondent, Nawal Birri, who has covered the story of the kidnapping of Lebanese pilgrims in Syria, recognized the men standing with Sen. McCain in the picture.  They are none other than the captors themselves.  The families of the hostages, some of whom were kidnapped with them before being released, also recognized the men as the captors.