A Prophecy Come True? Israeli Official Called for ‘Sunni Coalition’ in 2012 Interview


Sunni Vs. Shia–a Plan to Ensure the Legitimacy and Stability of the Israeli Occupation

In August 2012 the former Shin Bet (Israeli Security Service) Director and commander-in-chief of the Navy, revealed Israel’s intention to create a Sunni vs Shia coalition to form against Iran and other Shia Muslim factions in the region. In an interview with Charlie Rose, Ami Ayalon stated that for the existence of Israel it is “Very important to create a Sunni coalition”. He goes on to explain by Sunni coalition he means:

“Turkey, with Egypt, with Jordan, with Saudi Arabia understand that the major conflict is with SHIA, led by Iran”.

It is worthwhile noting that this interview is from 2012, and in 2015 a coalition of the above countries has essentially been formed in recent weeks to attack the Shia Houthis in…

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