On the 36th Anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution and the Conflicted History of U.S.-Iran Relation

United States Hypocrisy

anti-shahAs the nation of Iran commemorates the 36th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of 1979 which overthrew the dictatorship of the U.S.-supported monarch Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and led to the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran – a nation Western imperialists privately admit has been a thorn in their side ever since by thwarting their designs for regional hegemony in the so-called “Middle East”. Though the aims of the revolution were by no means unanimously agreed upon, with many not supporting the establishment of an religious-based theocracy, it cannot be denied that Iran has been a source of resistance against the ambitions of the globalists and imperialists. Nor can it be denied that the Shi’ite nation remains in the cross-hairs of the U.S. Military establishment and its Israeli allies who constantly sound the drums of war by asserting that Iran seeks to develop a nuclear weapon. The profound hypocrisy of…

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