New Poll on Iran Nuclear Deal and What Voters Expect from Congress Released

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The top line of the agreement is that Iran will freeze its nuclear development program and neutralize its entire stockpile of enriched uranium for six months in exchange for eased economic sanctions from the U.S. and five other nations while the two sides work to hammer out a permanent solution. The new survey found that voters overwhelmingly believe Congress should watch closely how the deal is being implemented and whether Iran complies, but that it should NOT take any action including passing stiffer sanctions that could scuttle the agreement or undermine the negotiations.

Among the key findings from the Hart Research Associates poll conducted Nov. 26 – Dec. 1:

  • On an unaided basis, voters who have heard enough about the Iran nuclear agreement to have an opinion are favorable to it by a margin of 57% to 37%.
  • 63 percent of voters give approval for the agreement when they hear…

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