French footballer in Qatar (worlds richest country and host of the 2022 worldcup) not paid for 2 years, and prevented from leave the country

FIFA Worldcup 2022 in Qatar (world's richest country per capita)

Fifa‘s president, Sepp Blatter, has been asked to intervene in the case of French footballer Zahir Belounis, who says he is being prevented from leaving Qatar in a contractual dispute with a local club.

The international players union, Fifpro, has written to Blatter saying that it remains “deeply concerned about Belounis’s precarious situation”, and called for action.

It said Belounis, 33, is stranded in Qatar, with his wife and two daughters, and being denied an exit visa until he agrees to drop a legal case against his former club, Al-Jaish, over his claim of almost two years’ unpaid wages.

In a personal letter to Blatter, Fifpro’s secretary general, Theo van Seggelen, calls for Fifa’s urgent intervention.

Van Seggelen said: “Fifpro insists that Belounis be allowed to leave Qatar and receive his wages immediately.”

The club, it said, then put him under pressure to terminate his contract and sign…

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