Why Saudi Arabia must manage its paranoia


“The fact that Saudi Arabia, where women cannot drive a car or travel on their own and where individuals are executed in the most savage ways in the name of applying religious law (as they see it) is dubbed a moderate country, and Syria (before 2011), where women fly airplanes and serve in some of the highest institutions of governance, is dubbed extremist, speaks of troubling cognitive dissonance in the ranks of the so-called democratic West.
Today, Syrians are living under the most brutal conditions – but most of that brutality was instigated as part of the services of the Saudi and Qatari ruling families, wealthy individuals, and foundations under their control. ”

“…the ruling family of Saudi Arabia, officially and through vast networks of charitable organizations and wealthy individuals and foundations, used petro-dollar wealth and takfiri Wahhabism [using accusations of apostasy] to influence or blackmail other countries.”

“Third, the Saudi rulers refused to meet with the UN special envoy to Syria and declared their intention to sabotage the Geneva-2 talks, or at least delay them for one year as they pump more destructive money and weapons into Syria.”

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