Syrian disease outbreaks ‘inevitable’, warns WHO

On Friday, UN organisations including Unicef will be launching a new appeal to combat the growing crisis in Syria and with refugees in neighbouring countries. When the last appeal launched in January, Unicef asked for $195.8m (£128m) to fund the work until the end of this month. Nearly a third was for work inside Syria, the rest to help refugees in neighbouring countries. The new appeal will cover work until the end of the year.

One thought on “Syrian disease outbreaks ‘inevitable’, warns WHO

  1. While the UN is begging for some million dollars that are badly needed to really help the syrian people, the billionaires in Qatar are more concerned in sending arms and jihadists into Syria. They also can spare some $100 millions in european football teams.
    UK and France also daily state how important it is to arm rebels, but never say anything about humaniterian help inside Syria or for syrians in refugee camps outside Syria. I guess selling weapons is more convincing than giving away medicine.

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