High ranked FSA commander says it is hard to control all the foreighn jihadist fighters and even the own fighters


Some extracts:
You have got a problem with rogue jihadists – for want of a better word – foreign fighters with an extremist ideology coming into Syria and behaving extremely badly, damaging the reputation of the uprising. What are you doing about them?

At this point for the FSA, it is so difficult to face or to confront these groups. Our only hope is to educate them. Only this can control their activities and convince their supporters to walk away. This is the best we can do.

…And there are many outsiders who impose their agenda by bringing jihadist fighters in, so it’s difficult for the Free Army to control them.

…The problem is not the collapse of the regime. We probably need another two months to take the regime down. The problem is what comes afterwards.

…The third problem is the fighters of the FSA … are difficult to control.

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